Fully automatic closing unit with cap feeder and cap sorter. The caps are automatically put on the bung hole of the containers and the containers are closed, provided the caps are suitable for automatic closing and the feeding of the caps is done by elevator.

Capacity: 1600 cappings/h on one way and up to 3000 cappings/h on two ways.


  • Can be connected to a conveyor belt
  • Placing of the caps by cap lock and screw head
  • Pneumatic or electromotive tightening of the caps
  • Sorting bowl with disc sorter
  • Electro-pneumatic control

Special equipment

  • Cap feeding by elevator with storage tank
  • Electro-pneumatic SPS control unit
  • Pre-selection and control of the torque at closing unit by SPS
  • Finish of Pilfer-proof caps with special closing head and cap feeding

GAS 39540 1

GAS150 600x338

 BFD 600x338