Compact semi automatic machine for box filling in.  This machine is being used for chemicals such as powder coatings.  The entire system rests on a single machine frame and can be moved for example from one filling spot to another or to a cleaning room.  The operator places the empty boxes on one conveyor.  These are buffered and then automatically filled.  From there they are automatically transported to closing position under an aspiration spout where the operator can close the bag and box.  The machine can be equipped with different dosing systems suitable for the different product characteristics such as the auger dosing screw Secudos or a rotary valve shown in the above graphic.  Similarly we have different filling spouts for the boxes one which hovers over the box another pneumatically lifted which functions as a lid on top of the box during filling.  The machine is designed for easy operation and cleaning.  Machine parameters are:

Capacity: up to 120 cartons/h
Filling range: 10...25...50 kg (adjustable)
carton sizes: according to weight


  • frame of profile steel, varnished
  • gross weigher with plate and pushers
  • choice of different dosing units (depending on product)
  • different filling spouts
  • calibratable weighing electronic according to EU-directive MID


  • vibrator to even out the product in the box
  • product guiding parts with vibrator to avoid backing
  • machine frame in stainless steel
  • product guiding parts in stainless steel
  • hygienic design for food and pharmaceuticals
  • ATEX-conforming design

RBWC 600x338 1

RBWC 600x338 2