Fully automatic machine for bag in box filling.  The bag is produced with a form, fill and seal machine for flat film and is filled directly in the box.  This ensures a better use of the box volumen than filling a bag an putting it into a box later.  This machine suitable for for almost all products:

Capacity: up to 180 cartons/h
Filling range: 10...50 kg (adjustable)
Box sizes: different sizes possible


  • form, fill and sealing machine with carton handling
  • automatic erection and closing of the cartons
  • machine stand of carbon steel
  • doors of polycarbonate
  • product guiding parts of carbon steel
  • roller conveyors for empty and filled cartons


  • vibrator at carton-filling point
  • vibrator at product guiding parts to avoid stickings
  • frames of stainless steel
  • product guiding parts in stainless steel
  • clean room with locking
  • hygienic design for food and pharmaceutical application
  • ATEX-conforming design