Semi automatic carton filling for clean room operation.  In order to avoid contamination of the clean room by empty cartons, PE bags are filled in special hygienic transport boxes. The transport boxes leave (and re-enter) the clean room through air-locks. Outside the clean room the PE bags are dropped from the transport containers into empty cardboard boxes.

 Capacity: up to 160 cartons/h

Filling range: 10...50 kg (adjustable)


  • dustproof filling by clamping the bag to the filling spout with blow-up clamp and bag clamp
  • gross weigher
  • roller conveyor transport in hygienic design
  • guiding system to pull out the dosing screw
  • agitator to loosen up the product in the prehopper
  • hygienic design for food and pharmaceutical application
  • clean room air lock with integrated box lift
  • calibratable weighing electronic according to EU-directive MID


  • box virator
  • ATEX-conforming design